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Rush Order joins the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program


We are excited to announce that Rush Order has joined the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program. Leading fulfillment centers are looking for new ways to help their customers and add more value beyond traditional shipping and storage services, while many small and midsize companies creating physical products have found it impossible to obtain supply chain financing from traditional routes due to...

Ep1 – The Next Big Thing – How Henge Docks’ Founder went from designing roof racks to Apple accessories


This is Episode 1 of The Next Big Thing. A series where we chat with hardware companies about what has worked and what hasn’t on their path to success. We are aiming to discuss topics that other entrepreneurs will find useful, such as the process for prototyping and manufacturing, tools the companies use to keep them moving, sales channels that have been effective (and useless), and managing cash...

Kickpay publicly launches Fulfillment Partner Program with EasyPost


Today we are pleased to publicly announce the launch of Kickpay’s Fulfillment Partner Program. With the program, Fulfillment Centers can now offer financial services to their clients. This enables companies selling physical goods to unlock growth by leveraging their inventory.  One of the biggest challenges for any physical product company is the ability to finance their supply chain to...