Kickpay adds eFulfillment Service as the newest member of the Fulfillment Partner Program


Every Fulfillment Center client has the potential to be high-growth; the only thing missing is resources. More inventory. More time. More capital. That’s where Kickpay’s Fulfillment Partner Program comes in.

The Fulfillment Partner Program enables all Fulfillment Center clients to quickly and easily access working capital by using their inventory as collateral.

The newest member to the program is eFulfillment Service. They join other leading Fulfillment Centers like Easypost, Ruby Has, ShipMonk and Rush Order.

By enabling their clients to easily and quickly access working capital, eFulfillment Service (EFS) is unlocking the growth potential for all of their clients. Now EFS clients have the flexibility to buy more inventory to eliminate out of stock situations, increase their marketing budget and invest more aggressively in new product lines.

Forward-thinking financing for forward-thinking businesses

Most modern e-commerce companies have been unable to get traditional inventory loans. Traditional loans use manual processes; this means that 1) they have a burdensome approval process and 2) they cost more to approve, and as a result, traditional lenders can only afford to give out loans to large companies.

With the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program e-commerce companies can automatically leverage their shipment and inventory data to get loans approved via a frictionless process.

Kickpay’s automated data integrations enable companies of any size (often 10x smaller than companies that are seen as viable to traditional lenders) to access inventory loans that were previously only available to these larger companies.

Enabling clients to grow

With 750 clients in their 250,000 sq. ft. location in Northern Michigan, EFS is seen as one of the leading Fulfillment Centers in the country for e-commerce companies.

By being part of the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program all their clients can quickly and easily access working capital to ensure they maximize their potential during the busy Q4 period.

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