Kickpay has added Ruby Has as the newest member of the Fulfillment Partner Program


Ruby Has joins us as the newest member of the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program, which enables them to offer inventory financing to all their clients.

They join other Fulfillment Centers in the program, including EasyPost, ShipMonk and Rush Order.

No matter the size of the customers using a Fulfillment Center, access to capital is a common blocker for growth. This issue can present itself in many ways:

  • Having out of stock situations
  • Obtaining inventory, but having limited capital to spend on marketing and sales
  • Not being able to invest in R&D to create new product lines

Through the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program, Ruby Has customers can ensure they have they funds to continue to scale at the pace they want.

A new type of financing for a new type of business

With the rise of direct to consumer product businesses, which are core to a Fulfillment Center client base, comes a new breed of financing challenges. 

These companies have untraditional business models and data sources that traditional lenders like banks often refuse to work with. The clients that do have access to traditional financing often find the process burdensome.

Unbound is a Direct to Consumer company that uses Ruby Has for Fulfillment.

Fulfillment Center clients can combine their shipping and inventory data with Kickpay’s lending platform to get instant access to capital specifically designed for their direct to consumer business model. They repay the loans only once the inventory sells. Priced as a fixed fee it  allows Kickpay users to accurately predict margins.

Providing more value to Fulfillment Center customers

With a total of five locations across the U.S and Canada (New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, California and Toronto), Ruby Has has expanded financing opportunities to their 200+ customers.  

The partnership allows their customers, like Unbound, to access capital easily and quickly so they can prepare for growth heading into busy periods like Quarter 4, where they build out inventory reserves and launch new products.

Are you a Fulfillment Center wanting to offer inventory financing to your clients? Contact us here

Would you like your Fulfillment Center to offer inventory financing? Let us know here.

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