Kickpay adds Shipmonk to the Fulfillment Partner Program


We are pleased to report the addition of the newest Fulfillment Center, ShipMonk, to our Fulfillment Partner Program.

After expanding to California and New York, the Florida-based company decided to join our program in order to offer more resources to their growing client base.

Like other leading Fulfillment Centers in the program, such as EasyPost and Rush Order, ShipMonk wanted to extend the breadth of services offered to clients to include financial products.

Enabling clients to focus on growth

ShipMonk can now use our platform to provide inventory financing to their clients, which is often a major blocker for growth, without taking on any of the economic risk.

Modern Fulfillment Centers, like ShipMonk, understand the importance of providing services to clients that allow them to maximize their financial potential.

Giving startups access to new forms of financing

By partnering with us, Shipmonk is giving its clients access to capital that only used to be available to major corporations. Now ShipMonk clients can use their inventory and shipment data on Kickpay’s platform to obtain capital that was previously out of reach.

Clients in the program now only have to pay for inventory once it’s sold, eliminating the need to pay months in advance.

Easy integration

With the partnership, Fulfillment Center clients can quickly get up to speed on our platform. They simply need to send one e-mail to their Fulfillment Center in order to get their data connected and unlock their financial freedom.

Clients like Axis now leverage the inventory stored in ShipMonk locations to access additional capital they previously didn’t have access to, allowing them to focus on other areas of growth in the company.

If you are a company that sells physical goods and are interested in learning more about how Kickpay can help you grow by financing your inventory head over here to get more details.

Are you a Fulfillment Center wanting to offer inventory financing to your clients? Contact us here.

Would you like your Fulfillment Center to offer inventory financing? Let us know here.

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