Kickpay publicly launches Fulfillment Partner Program with EasyPost


Today we are pleased to publicly announce the launch of Kickpay’s Fulfillment Partner Program. With the program, Fulfillment Centers can now offer financial services to their clients. This enables companies selling physical goods to unlock growth by leveraging their inventory. 

One of the biggest challenges for any physical product company is the ability to finance their supply chain to ensure they have enough inventory to grow without going out of stock, while also having the necessary capital to fund new product lines and marketing expenses. Many small to midsize businesses don’t have the financial track record to obtain traditional supply chain financing.

The Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program enables all small to midsize customers at partnering Fulfillment Centers to leverage their shipment and inventory data to get immediate access to inventory financing. This means they only pay for goods after they make a sale, not months beforehand.

Fulfillment Centers expand their services

Many leading Fulfillment Centers now understand that they must offer services beyond storage and shipping in order to build deeper relationships with their clients and grow their business.

The Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program enables Fulfillment Centers to offer financial services to their clients without any additional risk. By automatically integrating the shipping and inventory data into Kickpay’s lending platform, Fulfillment Centers like EasyPost are able to offer inventory financing to their clients.

Partnering with EasyPost

EasyPost joined the Kickpay Fulfillment Partner Program so they can offer more services to their clients that help them grow. Eliminating the capital constraint enables EasyPost customers to increase their inventory to remove out of stock situations, expand their product line or even accelerate the sales rate with an elevated marketing budget.

With the partnership Kickpay can now provide inventory finance to EasyPost’s hundreds of SMB customers. These customers are shipping millions of units each month from their four fulfillment locations in California, Utah, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. 

Both Kickpay and EasyPost have an ethos built on technology. This allows EasyPost customers to leverage the EasyPost API to plug their shipment and inventory data into Kickpay’s lending platform to get access to inventory financing.

If you are a company that sells physical goods and are interested in learning more about how Kickpay can help you grow by financing your inventory head over here to get more details.

Are you a Fulfillment Center wanting to offer inventory financing to your clients? Contact us here.

Would you like your Fulfillment Center to offer inventory financing? Let us know here.

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